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How good is your Cyber Security defence? – We challenge you to find out

We are all targets for cyber criminals. Don’t think that even if you are a small business, the bad guys will overlook you – they wont. Unless you have an effective cyber defence you will become a victim.

Electric Spider – The Cyber Security Specialists

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing as new cyber security threats evolve and emerge. Security measures working one day may not work the next day. For any organisation to minimise their risk of a data security breach or systems failure, they need to be constantly vigilant of the different types of cyber security threats that they face, both current and future.

As much as we would all like to thinks so, there is no single “silver bullet” solution that can address every threat that individuals and organisations face. There are simply too many different threats and the technologies employed are too complex for any one technology to provide complete protection.

Impact of cyber attacks

  • Economic impact to your business
  • Reputational damage
  • Legal consequences of a data breach

Successful cyber-attacks cause major damage to your business or organisation. It can affect your bottom line as well as destroy customer trust and your business standing and reputation.

Economic cost to  your business:

Cyber attacks generally result in financial losses which are often substantial through:

  • theft of critical business information
  • theft of financial information such as bank details or payment card details
  • theft of money
  • sever disruption to trading such as the inability to carry out financial transactions online
  • loss of contract and business

Trusted surveys continue to report that businesses suffering a cyber breach also incur significant costs associated with repairing affected systems, computer networks and devices.


Keeping you cyber-safe with cutting edge solutions

Electric Spider are cyber security specialists offering small and medium size organisations solutions and services designed for you. Not only can we protect your organisation against cyber threats but we can test your defences and identify vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. We can help you achieve security levels specified by the UK government backed Cyber Essentials scheme. Your business partners will know you take your and their security seriously.

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You are in safe hands

Our experienced and industry-trained engineers are all cyber security specialists. We don’t use fancy terminology commonly called “geek speak”, we explain in plain and simple English so you know exactly


  • How well protected you are
  • What is needed to improve your defence
  • How we can help you achieve better protection
  • How we can manage and monitor your defence on your behalf

Wireless Network Specialists

Electric Spider engineers are wireless network specialists. Robust and secure wireless networks are a key element of most business IT environments. Free high speed WiFi is a great benefit for your guests and customers of retail and hospitality businesses.
Our proven track record in secure, high speed networks can benefit any business or organisation.
We can separate your confidential business from your guest network so your business is secure and you can more easily manage who is using your guest network.


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