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We design suitable training programs for your staff having discussed the risks and issues with you. There is a pre-course assessment the courses can best fit current skills and knowledge. Material and content is based on globally recognised leading cyber awareness training programs. You don’t need to live with cyber security risk and training can be part of all your staff’s continuous development program.

Staff Awareness

The education program raises your staff’s awareness to cyber crime and the risks posed to your organisation. Increased personal awareness means staff will take training much more seriously.

Train Your Staff

This leading training program is authored by an ex-hacker. It’s professional, engaging and suitable for all employees. The program delivers the correct skills and knowledge for staff to stay compliant and not become a victim to cyber crime.

Keep Your Staff Vigilant

When you keep your staff vigilant against cyber crime, you make a difference to their behaviour and ensure they apply the training on a day today basis. Even more reduced risk to your organisation.


Older style training programs are no longer the most effective option. In todays fast moving digital world, your staff are frequently exposed to sophisticated attacks.

So how does the program work?

We baseline your staff’s knowledge by using a simulated attack.

Implement the training program which includes interactive modules, videos and scheduled reminder emails

Assess your staff awareness levels with further simulated attacks

Monitor the results with stats and graphs for both training and phishing results.

Build on results and make continuous improvements to your staff’s knowledge and awareness.


Get a Human Firewall in your organisation to support your cyber security defences

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