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Cyber Security Threats

We are all targets for cyber criminals. Don't think that even if you are a small business, the bad guys will overlook you - they wont. Unless you have an effective cyber defence you will become a victim.

Electric Spider – The Cyber Security Specialists

Lets take a look at some of the more common threats every organisation small and large faces.


A real problem in recent years, this is still one of the most common. Malware delivered to your pc can lock your data and display payment demand prompts.


This threat involves tricking the user into clicking on dangerous links typically sent to you by email. A fake website then captures your personal data and details.

Password attacks

A hacker runs software that usually systematically tries to guess your password using dictionary words or brute force by more complex combinations.

Denial Of Service

The criminal here floods your website with unusually high volumes of data. The attack is launche through compromised devices and will bring down the affected website.

Social Engineering

Stealing your digital profile and identity. This can be devistating because your confidential data is open to criminal exploitation. Its a tough exploitation and complicated to recover from.

Unpatched Software

You need to keep up to date with software from Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash to name a few. Dont bring your organisation down by ignoring the threats this poses.

Cyber Attacks


We’ve listed a few of the more common attacks that you might have read or heard about. But it is not the full picture and there are ever increasing numbers of attacks.

There are new attack techniques and different exploitation appearing every single day, even when you are asleep.

Remember there is no single “silver bullet” solution that can address every cyber threat. Simply there are too many different kinds of cyber security threats out there for any one piece of software or technology to provide complete protection.

Your Solution A Fully Managed Security Service

Our clients know that everyday when they arrive at their business, all devices and their networks are fully up to date with the latest security. No need to spend time themselves with updates and software patches. If there has been a problem we have probably fixed it before they have eaten breakfast.

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