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How good is your Cyber Security Defence - We challenge you to find out?

We are all targets for cyber criminals. Don’t think that even if you are a small business, the bad guys will overlook you – they wont. Unless you have an effective cyber defence you will become a victim.

Electric Spider – The Cyber Security Specialists

With over 30 years experience in the Information Technology sector, there is little our consultants have not seen. As an independent business we are uniquely positioned to design and deliver the very best cyber security strategy for our clients.

Malware and Phishing Prevention and Removal

Ransomware and phishing attacks are increasing and their continual evolution means our dynamically updated and global leading solution will effectively protect your business still lead the way.

Secure networks and devices

Sadly an internet security suite is short of protecting your network. Our multi layered strategy will protect your networks and devices and it starts at your router – the gateway to the internet.

Data Recovery and Backups

Simple and effcetive backups and recovery if needed of your critical data and systems. We will build a solution to suit your business and discuss a time to test recovery procedures with you.

Network Design and Monitoring

A professionally designed network is the first step to securing your business. Our services include ongoing monitoring so you know you are secure.

Cloud and Web Services

Your website represents an investment and your email is critical to effective communications. Make sure both are properly secured and protected against exploitation.

Cyber Security Training

Your staff are the last line of defence. Without training they are a risk. Our program gives them the knowledge and tools to remain vigilante and mitigate the risk to you.

You are in safe hands

We exist to make sure our clients remain safe from attacks.

You don’t need to worry about this fast changing threat landscape yourself.

Most or our management and monitoring solutions operate outside of business hours so there is no impact on your daily operations.

Continuous monitoring is part of our services.

Avoid a reactive approach, we are proactive so we are always minding your back.

Get A Fully Managed Security Service So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our clients know that everyday when they arrive at their business, all devices and their networks are fully up to date with the latest security. No need to spend time themselves with updates and software patches. If there has been a problem we have probably fixed it before they have eaten breakfast.

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