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Protect Your Business with Managed Security Services

We all face constant threats to our IT environment and our private data. New malware, new hacking techniques and other emerging attack strategies appear every day – YES, really, EVERY DAY. Eliminating these threats and defending attacks requires constant attention and up-to-date knowledge.

Most business and organisation simply don’t have the time and resources and would be prohibitively expensive for all but the larger businesses. This is where Managed Security Services Providers, such as Electric Spider, are the solution.

Our Managed Security Services provide “enterprise-grade” security protection to small and medium sized business based in Derbyshire and Staffordshire and other surrounding areas. It’s quick and efficient to deploy so your networks, devices and sensitive business data is protected form the bad guys.

Electric Spider Managed Security Services

How Electric Spider’s engineers provide improved cyber-security for your business:

  • Watching for threats and alerting you if anything is identified you should be notified about.
  • Endpoint security and routine maintenance programs keep your devices running at peak efficiency.
  • Router and internet gateways configured to the most robust standards, never left in “out of the box” levels.
  • Regular advice for all your staff on latest relevant attacks and best practices.
  • Onsite specialist visits on a regular basis and any urgent requirement.
  • Technology configuration to globally recognised standards such as GDPR and those for PCI DSS complaince.

Every service is managed directly by Electric Spider so you have a single point of contact. We care about your business’ success and understand the challenges in managing your cyber-security; having years of experience in protecting business and organisations from cyber threats.

Benefits of our Managed Security Services

What benefits do our clients receive from our Managed Security Services? There are quite a few, but they include: 


Dedicated Cyber-Security Specialists

Our Manages Security Service is delivered by dedicated and highly skilled specialists with many years experience in the field.


Maximise your IT Investment

Our services ensure that the investment you place in your IT security technology is maximised and you get the most protection.


You focus on your business

While we are managing your cyber-security requirements, you and your staff can focus on growing your business.


Consistent Security Functions

Improve our IT security by integrating our recommended procedures throughtout your business. No more hit and hope solutions


Proactive Management

With our proactive monitoring, we can see and neutralise any problems as soon as they arise so our systems are remain safe and secure.


Guaranteed World Class Security

We constantly review our solutions against unbiased, recognised industry assessment, only deploying the best with our services.

Learn more about our Managed Security Services and how we can help you protect your business