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We are specialists in protection of your business from evolving Cyber threats by using our extensive experience and leading-edge Cyber Security solutions.

Our consultants and engineers are experts in Cyber Security having worked with a range of clients over at least 15 years. We provide our clients with the latest Cyber Technologies and solutions which effectively mitigate the threat of cyber criminal attack and support regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS.

System Maintenance

Any system that is not regularly patched with software updates becomes a risk to the business due to vulnerability from Cyber-attack. The risk applies not only to desktops, laptops and servers but also to other network infrastructure equipment such as switches and routers.

Electric Spider is a managed security services provider.

We design a scheduled maintenance program to suit your business operations that ensures software updates and security patches are applied and all your equipment is running with the latest patches that minimise any risk from Cybercriminal attacks on your network.

Email Security

Hacking attacks often originate from your email inbox. Many users may already be aware that they should not click on links within emails from an unknown sender. But what happens if they do during a busy moment when their attention is directed elsewhere? Statistics shown that over 90% of all hacking attacks currently start this way.

Our email security solutions are proven to provide the best level of defence against this type of attack. Our clients benefit from;

  • Targeted threat protection
  • Secure messaging and encryption
  • Spam and malware screening

Website Content Protection

It’s is really easily to find your browsing session compromised by malicious websites. Sometimes they look like a genuine website. Sometimes you can be compromised by links hidden away from the view you have of a web page. Innocently, staff can potentially expose your entire network to a malware attack that occurs in a matter of seconds.

Our web content filtering service mitigates the risk by implementing filtering systems that are up to date 24x7. It works by monitoring web activity across your entire network and controlling attempted access to listed known malicious sites.

  • Blocks attempts to known malicious websites
  • You can control access to websites that you wish your staff to avoid
  • Enforce business policies by blocking unsuitable content
  • Setup access attempt notifications for senior staff and management
  • Avoid network bottlenecks that can be caused by excessive web browsing

Malware and Ransomware

It’s reported that on average over 100,000 new malware software programs are identified every day – Yikes! Malware evolution is rapid and it is essential for any business to have the best effective protection that is continually updated to protect against existing and new malware attacks and ransomware demands.

We provide your business with device protection that blocks and prevents these infections before they are able to damage your network devices and avoid costly systems loss and loss of business operations.

Staff Awareness Training

Unfortunately the lack of staff awareness in terms of cyber security best practice does present a significant risk to business. Exploitation of staff is often known as social engineering and continues to grow with the additional use of social media sites. Put simply, the more we as the population use social media site, and the more conscious we need to be and have the knowledge to avoid making mistakes.

Electric Spider have both online and onsite training modules that cab be part of continuous staff development programs that improve staff awareness of current threats and new emerging threats which are reflected in continuous updating to the training program modules.


Benefits to any business are the reduction of risk and more confident staff who make better use of time using your systems.

Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Sounds technical and it is. With your prior permission, we attack your systems and networks using the same techniques deployed by cyber criminals to identify any vulnerability you have. Many business managers and owners do not know how easy it may be to exploit their systems.

We say “Do you know how secure your business data and system are?” If the answer is “I don’t know” that’s honest and we will be happy to carry out an audit and provide a report of findings. You can give this to your IT support for use or we can “lock the doors and windows” for you.

Sometimes the answers we hear are “Its doesn’t affect me my business is too small” – well that’s a misconception as cyber criminals increase the ratio of attacks on SME as larger companies have better defences in place.

The other reply we often hear is “I have an internet security software suite so I’m OK” It’s a good start but unfortunately not the whole picture as you will have read above.


Cyber Security and Data Protection Compliance is a priority for every business. You should make it a priority for yours. Why not get in touch with us and have a chat.