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Need help with cyber and information security?

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Why work with us

We maintain strong relationships with our clients


As an independant business we dont provide off the shelf packages, all our solutions and services are carefully tailored to suit your business.


We know all businesses and organisations are different so we adapt and mould our services to fit your operations and cost structure.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


We never baffle you with science, explaining everything in easy to understand terms  by using good “old fashioned” english. How? Even when we need to speak to you at a technical level we will use explainations you will be comfortable with.

Our Work

We use the latest techniques and industry recognised standards. Our vulnerability tests, for example, use the same procedures and pronciples as those used by cybercriminals and other bad guys. Thats why we know our services are of the highest quality.

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What our customers say

We are happy to refer new potential clients. In order to protect our existing client base we don’t publish details on our website.

That way we protect their confidentiality and dont give the bad guys any kind of heads up.

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